In order to provide the highest quality of service Rack Harbor Hosting contracts with the best service providers in the most advanced data centers. This extradinary level of technical capability brings along with it a premium price. We do not pass that premium price along to our customers and rely on our customers to be responsible and timely with respect to their hosting fees. Rack Harbor Hosting has set forth a standard billing policy which applies to all customers unless the customer has a written customized contract with Rack Harbor Hosting for special services.

Monthly Recurring Charges

Rack Harbor Hosting accepts several major credit cards for monthly recurring payments on hosting accounts, dedicated servers, managed services, colocation and email services. Monthly billing by invoice is not available on standard accounts providing the services listed above. It is the customers responsibility to maintain the accuracy of their credit card information. This can be accomplished by logging into your Rack Harbor Hosting account on-line and updating your credit card information. Rack Harbor hosting will not notify any customer if their credit card information has expired. Billing is performed automatically. Once any account is billed for their monthly charges a paid invoice is sent to the adminstrative email listed in the customer's user account. It is the customer's responsibility to maintain a current email address and review all mail received in that account from Rack Harbor Hosting. Rack Harbor Hosting reserves the right to charge late fees for any account past due for more than 30 days, and a re-instatement fee for any site that is suspended for non-payment once the past due balance is received and the site is placed back on line.

Automatic Payment Monthly Failures

Billing is performed automatically on a monthly basis on the account. If the account cannot be paid due to a credit card being declined Rack Harbor Hosting will make one additional attempt to charge the card. If the card fails again and payment is not made the hosting account or service provided by Rack Harbor Hosting will be suspended. Account suspensions include parking of any web site hosted on our services, suspension of all inbound and outbound email, removal of access permissions to the hosting account or dedicated server, and suspension of all services active on a dedicated server. Suspension of colocated equipment will result in a firewall block of all inbound and outbound traffic to any source from any source.

Dedicated, Colocated and Rack Space Billing

Accounts in the dedicated, colocated and rack space billing group may, based on contractual agreements, be billed monthly by invoice and paid by check or wire transfer. All services in this group are paid prior to the service agreement month. For example, if the service period is January 1 to January 31, payment must be received no later than the last business day of the prior month. If payment is not received for these services all access and connectivity to these services will be suspended without notification and services will not be resumed until payment is received. Dedicated Server packages that are not covered under a separate written contract agreement with Rack Harbor Hosting must provide 30 days notice of termination. Dedicated server customers that have written contracts with Rack Harbor Hosting are subject to the termination agreement as it pertains to the valid contract. All server access will remain active for the 30 days prior to termination. Server access and control will be terminated immediately following the 31st day of the termination notice.

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